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Church and missions tents 

The best choice for your needs if you are purchasing a new church and missions tent, or if you are in the ministry, we offer a the best price in the market because we are tents manufacturer.

These can be used as revival tents for Christian ministries, parties, weddings, meetings and special events. All of our tents are permanently fire resistant and meet the requirements of the Florida State Fire Marshal. Also, they are water-repellant, strike resistant and field repairable. 

We maintain an extensive inventory of a variety of sizes and shapes of party tents for sale for your convenience, so in most cases we can quickly ship a tent to you after you place your order. Whether you are considering purchasing a tent for an upcoming event, you need to be familiar with the different types of tents that are available. This will help you decide which type and size of tent will work best for your event and budget. For instance, the classic and timeless appearance of pole party tents makes them equally appropriate for car sales, fairs, revivals and countless outdoor events.

We strive to provide the best Revival Tents at the lowest price to give shelter to those attending weddings, parties, special events, concerts or Tent Revivals. The revival tents we offer are all beautiful, super heavy duty, long lived, and our tent tops are all constructed out of top of the line American Made vinyl! We also make it our goal to provide shelter for missionaries, evangelists, ministries and church services around the world. 


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